Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Favorite Writing Jo Quotes

  1. "Every parent loves their baby and thinks nothing can ever be more perfect, or happy, or smart, or lovely. Well, you have no idea what else it out there." -Sharon (Jo's Mom)
  2. "Someone once told me what you're given must've been the result of something you've done. This girl gave to give. It didn't matter what you've done, what you're doing, or what you're planning to do. To her, all of us were just people. Each special, unique, and perfect." -Morgan
  3. "Love is when you can sit down and say to yourself, 'I can put up with their attitude until time ends.'" -Jo
  4. "No individual is born with the knowledge of everything. No one person can handle anythign from the beginning. You must learn and take that with you. That's what I did, and in return, anything could be handled." -Jo
  5. "When they tell my story, make sure they tell it correctly. Those who know, help the others see my way. Help them know what I really stood and stand for. Not mearly a teenager, but a god trapped in the body of one." -Jo
  6. "Never lie. Even to yourself. Although that road may be much easier, not one is more honorable than the one labled, 'Honesty Avenue.' It's not trying to be a road, it's being what it was born and being proud of it." -Jo
  7. "What does it matter? Live everyday like it's your last." -Jo and Morgan
  8. "They may not know the suit of the ace I have, but they know in the end it will beat out all...even other aces. Because this is war." -Jo
  9. "People fear the mighty. And the mightiest power of them all is witt...not muscle. Sometimes people forget that, in the real world, kick boxers don't sit behind the respected desk. It's the witty people. However, power is taken out early in life, and by something that seemed so inconvient--taken out by the little people."

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