Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Favorite Writing Jo Quotes

  1. "Every parent loves their baby and thinks nothing can ever be more perfect, or happy, or smart, or lovely. Well, you have no idea what else it out there." -Sharon (Jo's Mom)
  2. "Someone once told me what you're given must've been the result of something you've done. This girl gave to give. It didn't matter what you've done, what you're doing, or what you're planning to do. To her, all of us were just people. Each special, unique, and perfect." -Morgan
  3. "Love is when you can sit down and say to yourself, 'I can put up with their attitude until time ends.'" -Jo
  4. "No individual is born with the knowledge of everything. No one person can handle anythign from the beginning. You must learn and take that with you. That's what I did, and in return, anything could be handled." -Jo
  5. "When they tell my story, make sure they tell it correctly. Those who know, help the others see my way. Help them know what I really stood and stand for. Not mearly a teenager, but a god trapped in the body of one." -Jo
  6. "Never lie. Even to yourself. Although that road may be much easier, not one is more honorable than the one labled, 'Honesty Avenue.' It's not trying to be a road, it's being what it was born and being proud of it." -Jo
  7. "What does it matter? Live everyday like it's your last." -Jo and Morgan
  8. "They may not know the suit of the ace I have, but they know in the end it will beat out all...even other aces. Because this is war." -Jo
  9. "People fear the mighty. And the mightiest power of them all is witt...not muscle. Sometimes people forget that, in the real world, kick boxers don't sit behind the respected desk. It's the witty people. However, power is taken out early in life, and by something that seemed so inconvient--taken out by the little people."

Writing Jo Preface

"Imagine someone who could handle anything. You name it, they resolve it. Experience, years, wisdom, strength. That's probably what you're thinking they must have. What if I told you that this person was a teenage girl?

Sure, people think I'm funny or a good friend, but did they ever imagine I'd be where I am now? Probably not.

A teenage girl living in a small town with her freshly divorced mother and father, moves away from everything she's been with since the day she was born. Not thinking that life would be possible after this, she gives up trying. Trying to keep a happy face up for her family, trying to be kind and caring for everyone, trying to keep trying. None of it makes sense anymore. Life-altering events change her views permanetly, and put her in a very animated state of time. This wall keeps anything from harming her, but soon that all catches up with her in the most traumatic of ways. But, this ends up being a good thing for her dream. All she ever wanted was to be taken seriously, and to be listened to. How will this result affect the people around her? And somehow, this girl is able to handle ANYTHING. Join her in her story, follow it and the girl it was approrietly named after, 'WRITNG JO.'"
Do not post anywhere else with out permission from me, the author/owner. This was written by Hailey Shoemaker. Do not post or reproduce in any shape or form.
No copyright infrigment was intended.

The Story

Alright, I'm an aspiring writer.
Hailey Shoemaker. Someday you'll know the name better. I promise you that.
Okay, so I'm not going to tell you any information about myself, because I don't want you making assumptions about my book based on that. You probably have in your heads right now how old I am, and what I'm like. Well, at least 80% of you, are wrong. The ones who know me personally, understand why this information would affect your views.
I started writing June 29th. I wasn't sure what I was writing, I was just sure that this would be my first real attempt and written piece...whatever it turned out to be. (Fore there are many unfinished projects of mine out there.) June 29th was the day I started writing, and at that point, it was titled, 'Story 101,' and it had four paragraphs. It was a very cold evening outside, and that's what inspired me to sit down at the computer and write.
Then is exploded. I sat down at that same computer every night for at least ten days, and all my friends new my latest scandal within two weeks. They were all very thrilled I was writing, and they were excited to get to read it! I thought they were over-estimating my writing skills in more than one way. One of those being how fast I can write. Do they really think I can write a whole book in a month and still go to school? Literally impossible. I can understand how professional writers do it, when that's their only job. Not me. I had other things to do. I had a life to live...but I also had one to write and shape.
The main character now had a name, and the book now had a title. The outline in my head was set as well.
But now, even though the title is the same and her name is the same, it's all changed. Her name is still Jo. The book is not called 'Writing Jo' for what she does anymore, it's for her past. Characters that were intended for different things, ended up betraying her or moving on. Or she did so with them. It was as if I was living her life, having no control over what happens.
Which is good.
I was working on this story for 483 days, on and off. Now here I am, dedicating a blog to this magnificant journey. Not only was a book produced, but inspiration through words. Not just for the people that could possibly be reading the book, but also for me in writing it. As of now, I have 42 other book ideas, and a goal of 1986 days to finish them all. And more than enough time to come up with different things to say.
I'll never stop, and I hope you don't either.
-The Author